Friday, January 11, 2013

Welcome RISD/LA Alumni!

Welcome to the RISD/LA Alumni Blog!  In this space we hope to connect, promote and create a buzz about the wonderful things happening in Los Angeles by you.  But we're going to need your help in doing so.

Each week we'd like to post "HAPPENINGS," that is upcoming shows or places where your work is featured this week.  Maybe its the premiere of a new TV Show, maybe its an Opening Reception, maybe its a mixer at your studio, if its happening, let us know!

Then, each month we'd like to feature an "ARTIST OF THE MONTH" with a short bio, some photos and a brief q&a.  This will be your chance to do some crazy self promotion and tell the world what you're up to.  If you'd like to be our featured Artist of the Month in the upcoming months contact us via the Facebook RISD/LA Alumni Group.

This is the LEAST of what we'd like to do.  We'd LOVE to continue hosting Alumni Group events every couple months, and we'd love to do so much more!  If you have ideas or would like to contribute, let us know!


We want to know what you're doing!  What shows are you checking out?  What shows are you in?  What big happenings are coming up?  Help us help you! 

Please connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or through this blog or in the comments section below, and Thanks!

Liz Lanphear (neé Hostetler) FAV 04 and Marisa Murrow PT 00

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